Saturday, October 3, 2009

Valley of Fire

One of my favorite things to do is get up early in the morning before sin city awakes and head out to one of the National Parks in the area. Valley of Fire was the choice on this morning. With a great lunch prepared by yours truly the night before, we packed up our Canons and headed 50 miles Northwest of the city. The goal was to get there early enough for the sunrise and some of the most fabulous light in the region. The photo below is two of The Seven Sisters.

I always seem to find me a nice hole-in-a-wall where ever I go....

These Petroglyphs located at Mouse's Tank are said to pre-date the birth of Christ, allegedly left by the ancient Pueblo people. I used an infrared filter to contrast the markings.

Max, the coolest dog this side of the Mississippi came along for the excursion.

Look very closely and you will find 'The One.' It really shows how small we are in the big picture.

Ironically my favorite shot of the day had nothing to do with mountains, petroglyphs or the desert. It's the question that makes life so exciting, "What's next?"...I think I'll call this one 'Heaven.'

Thanks.... ~Oliphant.