Sunday, November 15, 2009

Meanwhile back in Miller Beach...

...I had a few commitments on my calender that produced the magic that I love.


While I was processing these images I was reminded of my youth and all the time I logged in my make-shift darkrooms. Watching an image come to life as you slip the photographic paper into the developer was like magic.


The magic continues, minus the chemicals as I capture the moments, tone and emotion that I feel make my portraits my own.


That moment, right before you hit the shutter release and the moment after, the magic is captured on your censor instead of film, you can't help but chimp because you know you have something special.


...and this is special indeed. I love what I do.... 

~ Oliphant

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Electronic Music Cafe' - Las Vegas

Lake Las Vegas
October 30th I had the pleasure of photographing the Electronic Music Cafe's very first off-site event. It was a masquerade cruise held out on Lake Las Vegas, which by the way is one of the most beautiful areas in the region. Just 17 miles from the strip, it is a must see when you're in the area.
The Electronic Music Cafe is the brainchild of DJ, Producer & Recording Artist Jesse Saunders (pictured above). Jesse wrote, produced, performed and released the world’s first documented House Music recording entitled “ON & ON,” on his upstart record label, Jes Say Records in January of 1984. Jesse went on to produce the world’s largest selling and most covered House Music song “Love Can’t Turn Around,” with fellow Chicagoans Farley Jackmaster Funk & Vince Lawrence.
As some may know, I've been back and forth between Vegas and Chicago over the past year and in February of this year I touched basis with Jesse. It had been twenty plus years since we'd seen one another but I've kept up with his career through mutual friends.
As we discussed 25 years of House Music and how it all began back in Chicago, Jesse went on to tell me about this idea he had for a Cafe' dedicated to Electronic and House Music. The place would be a Gallery/Cafe' in Vegas with non-stop music to showcase artist, djs, etc., sort of a "Hard Rock Cafe" for Electronic and House music. I recall my exact words to him were, "Now that I like, consider me on board."
Fast forward to the present. The location has been secured and construction is underway! For more info visit
Here are a few photos from EMC's Masquerade Party on Lake Las Vegas....


By far my favorite shot of the evening...thank you Penny the Bumble-Bee!


The Electronic Music Cafe's Fabulous Art & Food Director Evelyn Thompson!

Fawn Songirl

Awesome performance by Fawn Songirl....


IMHO best costume goes to Jeremy Espinosa...

The EMC Crew

The EMC Crew! Thanks to all, I had a blast! (See more pics at